Saturday, 22 October 2016

Seasonal Changes




Shoes | topshop 
Jumpsuit | new look 
Choker | Asos 

Hi lovlies!!! As the majority settle into their A/W routines, there's always those last minute ones like myself that never have their lives together. Those of us that wait till it gets a bit chilly to start thinking 'maybe it's time to start shopping for warmer clothes' yes! I'm talking to you. Okay so now you're thinking 'but where do I start?' simply because you're sick and tired of shopping for clothes you know won't be coming out of that closet once winter's gone. I used to just buy whatever it is I'm liking at the time with no thoughts about how I'd feel about it in say a year or two's time. When I tell you that planning my seasons in terms of clothes has changed my life it really has, and I hope it helps you too. If it does - tell a friend to tell a friend. On that note here are my top 5 tips on making that seasonal transition that much more fun/bearable:

1. Colour Palette- I find coming up with a colour palette so effective, it gives you that starting point if you're confused or completely clueless as to what your wardrobe should consist of for that season. I for example have decided that greys, whites and blacks are my safe heaven so my goal for this Autumn/ winter is to venture out more into the world of colour. Therefore my A/W colour palette consists mainly of burgundies, khakis, mustards, whites, blacks and of course greys! From there, everything just sort of falls into place, you'll find yourself thinking about what styles and fabrics you want to showcase leading me straight to my second point.

2. Browsing- I find it somewhat therapeutic just sitting behind my laptop screen browsing my favourite sites at the start of each season just to see what excites me and what doesn't. Ladies this is so crucial, it's a process that allows you do identify what is is you really like and could potentially purchase especially if it's a clothing item in a colour on your palette. Once you've come up with a colour palette I'd even go as far as to say DO NOT purchase anything that isn't on that palette. 

3. Key pieces- I find that once I've created a colour palette and browsed a few sites I automatically start thinking about pieces I know I need. These pieces are your seasonal key pieces ladies. These can be anything you fall in love with but they're most commonly your boots and your coats for Autumn and winter. I'd say it's important to have at least 6 items you can style out in many different ways in your wardrobe each season. 

4. Outfit planning - So at this point you've got a colour palette, browsed your favourite sites to see what's in, and have started looking at particular clothing items you need. At this point I'd advise you to start planning some of your looks. This means figuring out what goes with your key pieces and what doesn't, this also give you an opportunity to identify what else you might need to purchase - it might be a new pair of black jeans because your old ones are washed out or a simple white tee. Honestly this part almost excites me as much as shopping does.

5. Happy shopping- last but definitely not least and most probably the most fun part. SHOPPING!!! After completing steps 1-4 there's nothing left to do but actually purchase those items you've been thinking about and slaying them! Yasss!!! 


Thursday, 8 September 2016

Perspex Whites






    Heels | Public Desire
    Choker | Asos
    Jumpsuit | Zara
    Trainers | puma 

Hi lovelies, I hope you're all well. As we're enjoying the last occasionally sunny days of British Summer and preparing for Autumn, I thought it was about time I posted something that really reflects the essence of this year's summer style. Perspex heels have become a thing and I really am here for it so thank you Kanye! They are just the perfect go to heels because of the many different ways you can wear them, this makes them a definite wardrobe must have. I'm pretty sure I'll be rocking these beauties all year round. We all know how difficult it is to get hold of yeezy merchandise so I am honestly delighted that a variety of high street websites made dupes of these available. Lastly if you were thinking of purchasing these heels, I would recommend sizing up because of the lack of elasticity in the material used to make them. Anyway let's talk about jumpsuits. They look amazing every woman. Why wouldn't you want to own a couple? This Zara one is one of my favourites, very effortless and comfortable allowing me to dress it up or dress it down. When purchased it did have a bralet attached to it that I cut out because I preferred it that way, don't ever be afraid to tweak some of your clothing pieces. If it scares you - do it! On that note like, share subscribe and stay inspired x

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Ark skincare- pro remove/pro cleanse review

Product | Ark Pro Remove / Pro Cleanse

Ark is a British skincare brand that specialises in treating skin by age and skin concerns. All their products are made using active natural ingredients and this is what appealed to me the most as a consumer. I am extremely conscious of what I use on my skin as part of my skin care regime simply because your skin absorbs anything you put on it therefore it is essential to be conscious of the ingredients in your skincare products. The Ark skincare pro cleanse is a product recently launched by the brand and I must say having only received it this Monday I am astonished at the effect its had on my skin in just 3 days. Depending on what suits you best this product can be used as a cleanser but I use it as a makeup removing oil due to its slightly oily texture. A little goes a long way with this product, I simply add a drop onto a cotton pad and wipe off my makeup. Identifying what cleanser works for me has always been a bit of a task because of my oily/dry combination skin type. Before this product I couldn't figure out what cleanser worked best for me as most either left my skin feeling significantly oily or dry or a combination of both. So as you can imagine I got a little bit frustrated. The cleanse also contains avocado, grapeseed and kiwi oil, oils notable for their ability to nourish, repair and rejuvenate skin, another reason I am so excited to keep using this product. I truly recommend this brand and product to anyone that is still trying to identify their skincare regime or like me simply looking for that one beneficial product to add to their skincare range. Just remember, skincare comes before makeup ladies. Take care of your skin first and the glo shall be with you. x

Monday, 16 November 2015

Whites for Winter

     Trousers | Topshop 
     Sandals | New look 
                Photography | Aura Antares

Practical? It's really not. However it's just effortlessly stylishly isn't it? An all white look more or less has the same effect an all black look has. Encouraging you to strut your stuff and get through the day perfect for these long, cold winter days we're about to endure as a nation. White statement pieces are definite wardrobe essentials. If you're worried about staining your whites, don't be... I have got to be the messiest person I know and even I find it hard to get my whites dirty in winter. I don't know why, probably something to do with the cold, so shop whites!!!

Monday, 9 November 2015

The Grey Layers

Joggers | Next
Pumps | Zara
Top| Primark
Coat | Primark
 Photography | Aura Antares

I suppose I've always been minimalistic, I just didn't know it. Keeping my wardrobe simple Has definitely made my life easier. My wardrobe consists of about 6 colours mostly neutrals, it makes it so easy to mix and match my clothes. Grey is definitely one of my favourite colours at the moment. It is perfect for Autumn and winter. Not too bright, not too dull. Layering, Layering, Layering. I  cannot stress this enough. Why wouldn't you? It's stylish and it keeps you warm. Personally I like to  layer with a minimalistic approach. So I'll pick a neutral colour I want to wear and try to match the  rest of my outfit to that colour, as you can see in this particular look.


Monday, 14 September 2015

BLFW | What I wore



    Socks | Nike
    Brouges | Topshop
    Tapered trousers | Next
    Crop top | New Look
    Duster Coat | Primark

Just to wrap up the whole BLFW post series here's all the details on what I wore. I was trying to archive a sporty/casual chic look if that makes any sense, anyway stay inspired x
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